I love trees and The Gambia is full of amazing exemplars. There are magnificent Mahoganies, Silk Cotton Trees with their huge buttress roots, majestic Baobabs, to name the largest, and many others that either shine with their amazing flowers, a beautiful canopy of leaves or their unique bark. Here are some examples:

an ancient Mahogany Tree (which is as wide as it is high)
Oskar and Vincent standing somewhere on the trunk as scale bars
a small version of a Baobab Tree (with a small version of a human inside)
a large Baobab with some leaves after the first rain
a rather extreme version of a bark
a blossoming Flamboyant Tree
the leaves of my favourite local tree (Royal Poinciana/Flamboyant Tree)
unusual and pretty colour combo for a flower
a parasite that wraps around palm trees and slowly kills them
the spiky branches of a Silk Cotton Tree
Bantang woro in Abeny, six silk cotton trees, the larges volume of tree I have ever seen
and these are a small part of their rock-like buttress roots!