Day 5

Monday. I stayed in bed all day. Headache, temperature and just weak. Much to recover from, so much to take in and still so much to adapt to.

One aspect I didn’t think through back home is the language. The Gambia’s official language is English, but there are many spoken African languages, varying from village to village. The main spoken language in Kartong is Mandinka. Many adults we meet speak English. But for Vincent this means that the kids in his age are unlikely to speak English. Kids in Oskar’s age speak and understand some English, if they are going to the English speaking school here. I assume that Oskar will find a way to communicate with kids of his age, but I am worried that it might be hard for Vincent to find friends here because of the language barrier. Time will tell. But he has Obama, who is most definitely his best friend at the moment.

our favourite spot – the hammock…
campfire in the evening
campfire talks