Day 4

Sunday. Oskar went to his first football training session at 7:30 in the morning. He was picked up by Amadou, the head coach of the “The White Crocs”. Oskar felt comfortable enough with Amadou as he had picked them up from the airport and spent some time with them, so that he quite happily went on his own – I am well impressed and so proud of him!

Btw, here is a link to Dan’s go-fund-me campaign, for those who are interested and haven’t seen it yet: He started it with Amadou and the President Sheriff before we left Berlin, so we had met him virtually a few times. It was nice to see the Academy and see how many turn up. They really could do with more balls, shirts, shoes and some goal posts!

I am sure there will me more campaigns coming 😉

In the afternoon Amadou has organised a car to bring us to Brikama to go shopping. There are a few small shops in Kartong with a very limited selection of goods. Brikama is the nearest little town with mini markets, about a 20 min drive away.

We knew the food would be different here, but I didn’t realise there are so few of the things available that we are used to, so we will have to make do and experiment.

Luckily we have brought a few things from home to keep us going for the first week, things the boys love to eat such as parmesan, tomato purée and Moma’s homemade jam. Vincent is so particular in what he eats, I can only hope he gets used to at least some of the local goods!


In the evening, before the sun set, the boys desperately wanted to show me the beach and the sea. For them this is so far the absolute best bit.

It is a good 20 min walk away from our house, along the edge of the village, past the Arabic school, lots of allotments and a pond in which one could spy a crocodile or two, so they say. Past a few sand dunes, and there it is, wide, vast and deserted.

Vincent is in love with the sea!

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