Day 175

Wednesday. We all got up early to visit one of Kartong’s three bakeries. It is run by a guy called ‘Ballack’, named after his idol for apparent reasons. He invited us to visit the place months ago so that we can see where our daily tapalapas are made, but we never managed. When we bumped into him recently in Abene, we fixed a date.

The bakery is in a small house at the back of a family’s compound in the middle of the village. It is just one room with a large clay oven, a table and a few trays to stagger the dough rolls on before they are being placed in the oven. Very small, very simple, but functioning enough to produce hundreds of Tapalapas every day.

the house of the bakery tucked away behind two homes
the three bakers, very tired and about to go home
(the hanging white thing is a self made torch to help cleaning the oven)
one standard size tapalapa and two extra large versions as breakfast for themselves

Later Anna and George from Georgianna’s and Lamin from Santosha came to our’s for lunch and also for an airbnb session. Over the past few years Dan has gathered a lot of experience with this website through renting out his cottage and we thought it might help them renting their places out a soon as tourists are coming back. A&G are already on it but don’t know how it works and Lamin’s place isn’t ready yet but he didn’t know airbnb before and it might be a good start to get the place out there once it is done. I know already that it will be a lovely little lodge – directly on the beach- , run by the nicest and most considerate and chilled host one can wish for.