Day 168

Wednesday. Yesterday’s tie dye session at Jeneiba’s was so successful and satisfying and we had so many pigments left, that Oskar collected every available fabric at home, so that we can do the same at home. He wanted to show Dan what he learned and keep experimenting as soon as we got back but Dan held him back until this morning.

The process was by far not as smooth as with our routined teacher – we forgot to wet the clothes before applying the first dye, we didn’t wait in-between two colours and I managed to spill the pot of red dye over the work sheet – but we managed and, although very different to yesterday, got quite good results:

Oskar started to build a little hut under the water tank a couple of days ago, out of intense boredom, which turned out to be pretty cool and which he continued building this afternoon. He collected palm branches for the walls and moved the hammock, that nowadays is only in use when the neighbour’s kids are around, into his new cave. As the air is getting more and more humid, being inside is getting gradually unpleasant and we all move outside more and more despite the heat to to catch the slightest air movement. Even bed-under-mosquito-net-loving Oskar feels that way now…

so far Vincent hasn’t been allowed in, but today

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  1. Andreas

    Well there is a business born.
    And very cool barn, Oscar! I like the tin threshold detail.

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