Day 167

Tuesday. There is a lady in Kartong called Jeneiba, who is very talented and skilful in colouring fabrics. Whenever fabrics caught our eye, they turned out to be made by her. For a small fee one can bring sheets or clothes to her and she will dye them in whatever colours wanted, either in tie-dye or in marbled optic. As Oskar has a particular interest at the moment in pattern our clothes, I have asked her if I could come with the boys so that we can dye some of our clothes together. She happily agreed, and that’s what we did today.

We brought six light, plain t-shirts in the boy’s sizes, which I bought at the market in Brikama last week specifically for this event, and one of Dan’s shirts, as well as the pigments and the other necessary ingredients that Jeneiba told me to get. The boys opted for blue, red and black.

Before we started, Jeneiba confirmed with the boys which shirts are tied and which ones marbled and they agreed on colour combinations.

While waiting for each colour to soak and dye before the next is applied, the boys dedicated their full attention to little Mustafa, who is just irresistibly cute!

And these are some of the beautiful results!